Hiking in Zillertal

Nature lovers can truly find paradise on the hiking paths of Zillertal. The Kramerwirt in Mayrhofen is the ideal base camp for your adventures in the Austrian Alps. Our guests can also join the guided tours of the nature park and visit their mountain museum free of charge.

Mountain Experiences

it's only you and nature

Whatever your plans are: be it alpine adventures, small hikes, longer trekks or just an afternoon on a nearby mountain hut – at Kramerwirt you came to the right place. We can give you tips and suggestions for all the side valleys and summits of our region, we also offer a large selection of lecture in our hiking librarydetailed hiking mapsbackpacks and even sticks to borrow for free. Everything is ready for you to explore the Alps!

There are more than 200 km of trails to explore in and above the valley. You can also take the cable cars of Penken or Ahorn to go from Mayrhofen to 2000m in a matter of minutes. From there you can discover plenty of huts and summits at your will.

The side valley (Zillergrund, Zemmgrund, Stilluptal, Tuxer Tal & Floitental) surely are highlights of every summer holidays and should absolutely be on your bucket list! You can also take the public buses or your car to reach the famous water reservoirs of the valley.

For sure you have already seen pictures of the famous bridge above the Schlegeis lake – but don’t hesitate to ask us for our favourite spots off the beaten paths ;-).

We are partners of the nature park

We also love to hike ourselves, and invite you on hikes to our farm or hunting huts as often as we can. Our guests can discover the most beautiful spots of the region for free and in best company! Since we are partners of the nature reserve “Naturpark Zillertaler Alpen”, you can go on the guided trips and hikes without any extra charge. We know all their guides and can only recommend checking out their schedule for the whole family and for every niveau!

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