Holidays in Zillertal

Spare time activities & adventures

A part of traditional Tyrol & a part of the modern world – that’s Mayrhofen in a nutshell.

The tradition of a small village, the wooden houses full of flowers, but still offering modern comfort with an international touch. Old school restaurants, modern bars, stylish fashion, sweet harp sounds and hidden underground discos. At first glance a lot of opposites, that balance each other in harmony in Mayrhofen.

Here, relaxation and fun go hand in hand. The immense offer of different sports and adventures, all the family activities, the big variety of events and mostly the well known hospitality of the locals will make you want to stay in the valley forever.

Holidays in Zillertal - a mountain paradise!

Wanderung zur Olpererhütte

Summer in Mayrhofen

Summer holidays filled with hiking, biking and climbing in the breath taking scenery of the Tyrolian alps
Skifahrer im Tiefschnee

Winter in Mayrhofen

A winter-wonder-land to discover the alps from their most beautiful side

Tradition & Culture

In the valley we still value and, most importantly, still live the traditions of the Tyrolian culture. So don’t be surprised to find marching bands, church choirs, or other processions going through town. Especially since we are right next to the church you can often find the locals in their traditional outfits and dresses having a sunday meal at Kramerwirt. Sometimes there is even special church masses on mountains & summits, events where you can find plenty of locals and guests enjoying the scenery all together.

No doubt that some traditions got changed over the years – as with the yearly return of the cows from the mountains (“Almabtrieb”) is now a big colourful spectacle attracting thousands of visitors for just one day. Even in these cases we retain the original meaning behind the tradition: celebrating the safe return of the cows after a long summer (and drinking a few beers to celebrate) .

The valley is also known for its musical culture ( did you know the most known song of the world, Silent night, holy night, has its roots in Zillertal?) and especially in summer there is no week without a music festival, a cultural event or theatre spectacle to discover. They say in Zillertal a funeral is more fun then weddings elsewhere!

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